All your people data, in one place

WorkPatterns integrates with over 20+ software vendors, and extracts, cleans, and normalizes data to create a single source of truth.

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Accelerate project delivery

We eliminate frustrating data extraction and consolidation tasks so you can demonstrate value sooner. Impress executives with fast turnaround and stunning dashboard reports.

Get buy-in with visualization and reports

Use WorkPatterns' visualizations and dashboards to create convincing, digestible reports. Share with the click of a button.   



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Industry-grade Encryption

WorkPatterns uses 128-bit encryption while in-transit and at-rest.

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Secure by Design

WorkPatterns's cloud infrastructure is aligned with HIPAA, SOC2 and ISO9001. 

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Robust Access Management

Control who accesses what data, by user or by report.

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For People Operations

Connect all your sources and instantly see reports and insights. No code necessary.

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For People Analysts

Focus on high-value analysis instead of low-value data consolidation. Run algorithms in the cloud or use our API to connect to R or Python.

Interested in becoming your organization's superhero?